Why Fashionista's Are Loving Masks

Skip the blogpost; Let's see these masks!

Masks are mandatory. And it does not have me down. In fact it has me jacked up. Because I now have one more trick up my sleeve to jaw drop all the innocent bystanders when I walk into a room.

Why is this look so strong? Don’t even worry about the advanced tactic of the grey blazer subbed in for the jacket of the 3 piece suit. Note how the ‘Which Way is North’ mask would kill as a tie for this combo and you can see that is true due to the similar colour scheme between the tie and mask.

An easy way to make your Dangerous Masks really rock your outfit is to choose a mask that has some of the colour from 1 item (Your jacket) and some of the colour from another item (your shirt). This will tie the outfit together every time. You may say “But Jeff! In the above photo your mask has no purple in it!" That is true, and blue and purple are the coolest colours in the spectrum and coordinate nicely.

Note how the pink in my ‘Bagheera’ mask ties in with my measuring tape and the navy in the mask ties in with my pants. Simply having a reason you can say out loud often leads killer combos that don’t go outside the acceptable fashion arcs.

The basic rule with matching a jacket, shirt, and tie has always been “The Rule of 3”. The Rule of 3 states simply that one of these items must be a straight solid colour. Those who follow along know that I break The Rule of 3 daily. When you are a black belt you can break the rules.

A great way to fashionably break the rules but remain confident in your decision is to simply tie in the colours with a bold patterned mask.

Note here how the white of the ‘Thunderdome’ mask compliments the white of my shirt and the blue in the mask compliments the blue in my suit, especially the lighter stripe. The green tie is epic, but not something you kids should try at home.

The easiest power fashion move for fall and winter is to coordinate your scarf and mask. Check this out:

Blend Out

Full Metal Blue

How do you do this? Choose the most dominant colour in your mask, or one of the most dominant colours and either pair with a scarf that is solid in that colour or a scarf that is also dominant in that colour. This is easy to do and looks like you just “Get it”. This is far stronger than going with a straight matchy matchy look.

Note the combo of both the above power plays seen here:

Let's Get Free

Let's Get Free

I like to think in themes. Either in pattern or in colour. Note here a coordinating but not matching colour with a floral theme. Mixing Flower Power for Bro’s with The Dead Poets Mask.

Obviously it helps and is a prerequisite that your clothes fit well. That is why the masks have adjustable straps and all my clothes are custom including my jeans. I don’t want skinny fit and I don’t want western (re: boxy) fit. I want Jeff fit and I want modern fit and I want comfortable fit. End of story.

Would you guys like a step by step break down with an accompanying photoshoot to guide you in mask and wardrobe decisions? If so, please let me know and I’ll prepare one if it is popular enough. Send me an email to Orders@Jeffalpaugh.com

If you have awesome pics of you in awesome outfits in your mask and would like to be featured in posts or further articles. Please post and tag us and let us know that we can use them. Many people send us photos through email and DMs on Instagram.

Many people say that masks are for Sheeple. To that I say – Do you like my Sheeple Face?

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