Jeff Alpaugh Custom, or JAC, was started with the conviction that the best clothes are conversation starters. When a friend, colleague or family member can't help but stop and ask "where did you get that?" you have the opportunity to tell a story, to bring a smile to their face, and your own. Maybe you answer directly, or maybe it's a jumping off point to talk about something that makes the clothes, and yourself, unique. Your personality, passion, the journey of your life - a distinctive garment is a signpost on the path you choose to carve through the world.

JAC is custom clothing, through and through. Every shirt, jacket and trouser is one of a kind, designed from the ground up with your life/style in mind, and crafted to your exact size and shape. Each client works with our team of enthusiastic, experienced clothiers, collaborating on the choice of fabric, features, and fit requirements to bring their inspiration to life. Whether you have a complete vision to execute, prefer to lean entirely on our guidance, or anywhere in between, your wardrobe will never be the same. 

Born in 2016 with a vision to bring a dangerous level of personality and confidence to the world of men's dress shirts, JAC has grown ever since, starting out of a Fredericton condo, to a full store, to a feature on Dragon's Den, to conquering the world of facemask e-commerce during the COVID era, to a second store in Waterloo. Further extending our range from shirts to a full line of men's and women's custom clothing, keeping the same passion for top-shelf customer experience and daring style all the way, JAC looks forward to welcoming you to the family, either in-store or online through full-service virtual appointments.

Outfit yourself for the world to come. For the end of dress codes. Dress for comfort, for self-expression, for confidence and competence, to wave your own flag and chart your own course. Dress with distinction, and live dangerously.