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Bottom Line Up Front:  We make Custom Made Dress Shirts.  Anyone who works in high end fashion will tell you that FIT is EVERYTHING.  These shirts are made for your body specifically.  We offer fabrics and customizations that you will not find anywhere else on this continent.  

We believe that everyone is different and should express their unique self daily.  Life is too short to be like everybody else.  
Try to remember that "What we do in life, echoes in eternity" - Marcus Aurelius, Gladiator - So don't be a cowardly turtle hiding in your shell.  Be a Lion and rep that mane.


No BS:  No sales, no hidden fees, all up front, honest dealing and everyone gets the same treatment.  You will not buy today and find out the shirts go on sale tomorrow.  I try to make the numbers  round and easy to process.  

Additional Value:  The only way to "Get a Deal" here is LOYALTY.  You're good to me, I'm gonna be good to you.  You buy 4 shirts, you get an extra Jeff's Choice.  

"Pain and Gain, you give and you get back, that's how it works" - Marky Mark, Pain and Gain

IMHO - nothing says "Custom" like getting your name monogrammed into the cuff.  Here at Jeff Alpaugh Custom we can provide you up to 14 Characters on a cuff.  Go to any retail store in Canada and I bet you get max 3.  I'm gonna write your name on your cuff, anywhere else you'd be lucky to get your full initials!

Have you shopped at a retail store?  All the clothing is based on one type of plastic body image.  Coming soon: At Jeff Alpaugh Custom when you type in your measurements you can see your clothes on a mannequin that resembles your body shape so you can get an accurate picture of what your clothes will look like on your body.