It's just a start state now.  This section I will make "How to Videos" to explain how to tie a tie, match patterns etc. This way I can add value to your life beyond just stacking your wardrobe.

Q:  But aren't there already millions of videos on YouTube about "How to Tie a Tie?"

A:  Yes, but this is the best one on the internet.


Q:  How do I tie a tie?

A:  In this video I walk you through how to tie a Full Windsor Knot.  If you only learn how to tie one know I recommend this one.  It is a "Power Knot" and looks bolder and more assertive than other knots.  You often see Sports Broadcasters wearing this knot.  Ari Gold is ALWAYS rocking a full WIndsor!

(I teach you 'How to Tie a Tie' - this is BASIC level, clear explanation for the beginner who does not wear suits every day.  If you are going to a wedding, a formal event, a funeral, or wearing your Military Dress Uniform for a graduation or Remembrance Day ceremony this video is for you.)