The Process is Simple

  1. Call us to reserve your commitment free spot on our list
  2. When you're ready book your appointment
  3. Get measured, pick out styles, fabrics, and finishes during your private event
  4. Come back for a final fit & finish, fist bumps & high fives
  5. Crush your wedding day

Our Offer

For a limited number of reservations we are offering:
  • Private In-Store Wedding Party Event
  • 2 Piece custom suit with choice of lining and monogram
  • Custom shirt with choice of buttons and monogram
  • 100% Silk Tie
  • Pocket Square
  • Socks
For everything above our limited offer price is $799, a 25% reduction from the regular ask.

Here's What I Think

I know you need to check out a bunch of other places and see what's out there, see what you can get for what price, and then compare and contrast your options.

I will simplify this process for you.

Anything cheaper will cost you dearly in quality and your time. The experience will feel like going to the dentist and all you will think about is wishing you went up a tier.

I assure you that we will maximize your spend and make it fun.

Our drive is limitless. If you're looking for something more expensive and extravagant we got you covered. We will arrange getting your wedding party picked up by helicopter if that's what you're into.

Check Out Our Looks

Reserve Your Spot

Give us a commitment free, sales free, pressure free call so we can answer any objection or questions you have. And if you're into it you can reserve your spot so you get the best price.

Without a call you will not appreciate the degree of expertise, professionalism, and fun we have around here. The Internet is only so good at messaging.


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