Dangerous Sock of The Month (1 Year)


Welcome to the Dangerous Sock of The Month Club - Where membership has its perks - mainly a fresh pair of socks each month.

The socks you receive will be "Jeff's Choice"

Includes EXCLUSIVE socks not available for purchase directly.

If you are purchasing as a gift for a friend (highly recommend) please include that person's name, contact details and relation in the additional notes so we can write them a meaningful hand written note for you.

Great gift.

Composition: 48% Poly, 32% Nylon, 20% Spandex

Size: O/S - Ranging from size 6 female to size 12 male

Is This a Gift? Yes No

A Corporate Brick Package is an upfront bulk buy of Dangerous Dress Shirts.

Our shirts never go on sale but the Corporate Brick Packages do come with a price break due to the bulk purchase.

The Value Proposition to you:

The Dangerous Dress Shirt is great for Corporate Gifting.  The shirts themselves always beg the question "Where did you get that?" and your generosity becomes topical. The shirts are generally worn out to social events and will be done so far years. This is what we in the biz call CONTAGIOUS and STICKY.

Anyone who purchases a Corporate Brick Package is a top priority of JAC. We would be happy to be a part of your parties / events / conferences in any capacity we can be of service, whether it's measuring, speaking, etc.


Q: Jeff, will you jump on my company plane with me and measure guests at a party outside of Fredericton?

A: Happy to. Have Tape. Will Travel.


If you are interested in us visiting you, fill in the form and we will make it happen. We will reach out and let you know when we will be in your city. 

If you are interested in us visiting your office directly and you believe five or more of your colleagues would be interested in getting Dangerous with you please let us know and we will set something special up.


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