Flower Power For Bros

$189.00 CAD

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So named because before we started The World’s Most Dangerous Dress Shirts, I
knew that Bros everywhere yearned for a shirt that was both Floral and Powerful.
This combination was an unstable cocktail of awesome that had to be named simply by its design and its audience – hence “The Flower Power for Bros”. I wore that shirt on Dragons’ Den (S12E7) and we all know how that went. This is the 2020 version of that original masterpiece. I intend to wear this shirt when he pitches on Shark Tank one day.

This shirt is made with 100% cotton and can be made for all genders. Like all JAC
Dangerous Dress Shirts, we use your measurements to create a dangerously good fit - prepare yourself for the waterfall of compliments

Each shirt is made after the purchase. These shirts are not in stock. That is why we are able to add a monogram or take into consideration custom sizes for past clients. Please note that this means it will take approximately 4 weeks for your shirt to arrive.