No Kill Like Over Kill

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Who Is Jeff Alpaugh?



Premium Quality, Custom-Made, Personally Fitted.

Think About It.  Be About It. 

The Dangerous Plan

Your shirt is the best fitting shirt I have ever purchased.  Seriously, the fit is perfect.  The price cannot be matched.  You will definitely be receiving orders from me in the future

Maj K.C.G.F. von Finckenstein

The best fabrics and patterns I have ever had on or near my body.

Aaron Baker

I had never bought a custom shirt before; I gave Jeff Alpaugh Custom a try and now I don't want to wear my old ones. I have a couple from the Gentleman's collection, Gateway and of course Dangerous and I'm very pleased with them all. I have worn them under suits to diplomatic meetings abroad and then just the shirt on the town. They fit great, feel great and look even better!

Col John "Wayne" Errington

The expression "fits like a glove" should be changed to "fits like a Jeff Alpaugh Custom". It felt amazing, looked amazing, everyone told me it was amazing....I started with a Gateway shirt but am going dangerous with my next order very soon

Nigel Trimble

I would recommend Jeff Alpaugh Custom to everyone!

Erik Gapp

Shirt card

We will email you or a friend a gift card which is worth one shirt excluding shipping. Shipping will be paid when the shirt is claimed. Don't Forget, if you order four you get a bonus Jeff's Choice.

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