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The right clothes make social situations more fun and energetic

Why I started JAC

I started Jeff Alpaugh Custom, or JAC, with the conviction that the best clothes are conversation starters. When a friend, colleague or family member can't help but stop and ask "where did you get that?" you have the opportunity to tell a story, to bring a smile to their face, and your own. Maybe you answer directly, or maybe it's a jumping off point to talk about something that makes the clothes, and yourself, unique. Your personality, passion, the journey of your life - a distinctive garment is a signpost on the path you choose to carve through the world.

Stay Dangerous,


TIMELINE in a Nutshell

2016: Em and I start the company and operate out of our condo. Our focus is on building our processes and products. The key book that year was Shoe Dog.
  • Highlight: Getting started!

2017: We move our HQ to a shed beside a car dealership (Wheels and Deals). Our focus is building the brand and getting known in the Fredericton market. The key book that year was E-Myth.
  • Highlight: Dragons' Den

2018: We move our HQ and build a showroom above a popular restaurant (Isaac's Way). Our focus is on making the mental shift from solopreneurs to entrepreneurs. The key book that year was Traction.
  • Highlight: Getting the CANEX contract to provide Dress Shirts for the Canadian Armed Forces dress uniforms

2019: We open our first ground level retail showroom. Our focus is on staffing to scale and opening a second store. The key book that year was Hire Smart from the Start.
  • Highlight: Opening our own ground level retail store in Fredericton

2020: The pandemic hits, we pivot to producing a high quality mask. Our focus is on shifting from high touch service to e-commerce. The key book that year was Traction.
  • Highlight: Opening our second store in Waterloo

2021: The pandemic somehow gets worse. Our focus is on using our e-commerce knowledge to acquire more American clients through virtual fittings. The key book that year was Big Little Legends.
  • Highlight: Becoming the official clothier of The Weather Network

2022: We are BACK! Our focus is on the wedding market and capitlizing on the pent up demand. The key book that year was Influence.
  • Highlight: Dominating the wedding market in our local areas

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Shake and Bake // Dangerous

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