I often get asked “How do you spend 10 years in the Infantry and then get into custom clothing?” It is a long and fascinating story for another time. What is important is that I still love the Army and our soldiers.

To recognize their protection of our freedoms and way of life, all soldiers and veterans get 20% off at JAC.

I hope this offer helps some folks as they transition out of the Military to find their footing a little bit quicker and smoother.

- Jeff Alpaugh


JAC is also a proud partner with Canex, who offers a no-interest, no money down credit plan on purchases of $$500 or more.

This is a perfect opportunity for CAF members who are looking for a custom suit for their wedding. Book an appointment with us to get started.
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Learn, heal and thrive through medical cannabis. Empowering military veterans on their journey to wellness.

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