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What We Do

  • Make a killer custom suit
  • Dress your wedding party
  • Work within your budget
  • Make the process easy and fun!

The Wedding Special: $$799

What We Offer

  • Private in-store design session
  • A beautiful two-piece custom suit with your choice of lining and monogram. 60+ fabrics and endless possibility.
  • A custom shirt with your choice of style, design, buttons and monogram. 150+ fabrics to match any suit, and any wedding theme.
  • Bonus: a silk tie, pocket square, and dangerous socks to complete the look.

In-Store Wedding Party Event

1. Experience

Once your groomsmen are confirmed, it's time to bring the men (and women) to the shop for a private wedding party event.

This 2 hour group appointment is the easiest way to outfit everyone for your wedding party. Everyone gets a chance to select personalized details for their outfits (like custom linings and monograms), and have their measurements taken. We look after the rest!

Our shop has been designed with the experience in mind. You'll have the whole store to yourself - we have a wedding party lounge up front, TVs to watch the game, and storefront curtains for privacy. Bring your own food and drink, or let us handle it - multiple catering packages are also available. Call for more details!

The Best Fabrics

2. Quality

Every fabric, style, button, even thread has been hand picked by our passionate clothiers and experts. We have reviewed and handled thousands of fabrics from across the world and have distilled the options down to only the best.

We have all the classic colours to pick from for your suit: black, blue, navy blue, midnight blue, light blue, and grey. We are seeing more and more requests for different shades of green, teal, and olive, along with burgundy.

We only consider ethically sourced fabrics. From there we consider the quality, style, versatility, and what current and future trends are. By the end of the experience you will feel confident, bold, and informed. You will know more about your suit than you thought possible.

You're in good hands!

3. Expertise

Our master clothiers will guide you through the entire process: from initial consultation, to getting measured, to picking out all the fabrics, styles, and finishings for you and your groomsmen.

Each outfit is carefully pieced together to ensure a balanced and complimentary look to the bride and overall wedding theme. Bring your wedding colours, your fiancée (or fiancé) to consult, or any other ideas you have, and we'll do our best to realize your creative vision. If you're not sure what you're looking for, our experts will make the process simple and fun.

After talking to our team for two minutes you will immediately recognize their insane attention to detail and depth of knowledge. We are passionate about clothing!

Give Us A Call

We want to hear from you! Call to book now or to talk to one of our expert clothiers. We can answer your questions and give you a much better understanding of what we have to offer.

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