Virtual appointments with JAC bring the world of custom clothing to your living room or office. Whether for reasons of scheduling or distance, if you can't make it to either of our brick & mortar locations, we're happy to come to you via video chat.

We'll guide you through the entire custom clothing process from inspiration to final fitting - all you need is a measuring tape, and optionally a friend or family member to assist you.

Just like in store, we have a wide variety of outfit inspiration here on the site, and each store's mannequins can make a guest appearance on the call as well. Or maybe you came across something interesting online elsewhere? Screenshots, Pinterest or Instagram posts are welcome - show us what you have in mind and let's get creative together. We'll screen-share our design software, and work with you each step of the way to dial in your fabric options and design features, with digital software rendering of the finished product available for many of our fabric collections.

When it comes to the measurement process, a guided self-measurement is actually much easier than you might think. We'll take you through the process step-by-step, showing you each measurement on ourselves first to mimic. Your shape, posture and mobility needs will also be taken into account, as we'll be creating a pattern that's unique to you, which can be fine-tuned to a surprising degree.

After approximately 4 weeks for production and shipping to your door, we'll book a follow-up virtual appointment to check the fit on you. If we're right on target, then you're all done, and your measurements will be kept on file for simplified future orders. Not quite right? We'll work with an alterations tailor in your local area to make any final adjustments, and update your measurement profile with those changes. Beyond this point, barring any major changes in weight or fit preference, future orders should be near-perfect out of the box going forward, and for any additional creations, we can focus solely on fabric and design for a streamlined experience.

JAC Virtual Appointments are an opportunity to make your mark through custom clothing, and turn your wardrobe into something truly personal and unique. We always enjoy taking our clients through the world of custom clothing, and now distance and time is no obstacle. Let's get started!

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