Awning Stripes Brown


Awning stripes are the widest sized stripes that can be found on shirts. These vertical and even stripes are wider than ¼” and consist of solid coloured stripes on white. The name derives from the wide stripe pattern found on awning fabrics.

The Awning Stripes Collection feature our signature JAC hidden button down collars with the button further back so it wears well with or without the tie and is not noticed by others.

The fabric itself is 98% cotton and 2% lycra. This allows for the shirt to stretch in a manner that means it won't come untucked when you raise your arms overhead.

We can make any JAC garment for any client, male or female. Find your perfect fit and style with one of our expert clothiers. For first-time buyers, please book a virtual appointment HERE, where our team will walk you through an easy self-measurement process to dial in and save your sizing.

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