Casino Royale


Made-to-measure to your exact size and shape, this is pocket aces in tuxedo form. Stand apart from the standard black tux with the rich shade of navy 100% wool. Note the matching navy satin in all the right places, including 2" gauntlet cuffs on the jacket, for the classiest in formal styling.

- Single breasted 1-button model
- Medium width satin shawl lapel
- Slanted no-flap tuxedo pockets
- Full lining
- Satin gauntlet cuffs
- Flat front trouser with side adjusters
- Satin trimmed pockets, waistband and tuxedo stripe
- Angled hem

We can make any JAC garment for any client, male or female. Find your perfect fit and style with one of our expert clothiers. For first-time buyers, please book a virtual appointment HERE, where our team will walk you through an easy self-measurement process to dial in and save your sizing.

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