There are few pieces more iconic than the bomber jacket. Developed by the US Military as the MA-1 Flight Jacket in the 50s, the style took off among punks and mods in the 70s, and has been continuously reinvented by designers ever since. A no-nonsense lightweight alternative to leather jackets, the bomber had pride of place in Basic Instinct, MacGuyver, & on Jack Bauer in 24. Our summer-weight MA-1 is made from a seersucker cotton, in a textured navy, with simplified slash pockets and black ribbing at the hems. Perfect with navy stretch JAC jeans, button-down collar shirts and henleys. Yours will be completely custom made to your exact size and shape, complete with your choice of lining.

We can make any JAC garment for any client, male or female. Find your perfect fit and style with one of our expert clothiers. For first-time buyers, please book a virtual appointment HERE, where our team will walk you through an easy self-measurement process to dial in and save your sizing.

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