Memories Liner


One of the final choices you make when you design your JAC jacket is choosing a lining. The liner of your jacket is the silk lining on the inside. Having a something wild and crazy (dare I say, Dangerous) on the inside adds a lot of fun to events.

The Memories Liner takes that up a notch. You can create you own photo collage and have a completely personal and custom liner. 

In the photos:

1. Inside my favourite dinner jacket, The Prestige, I have a photo collage of my family from a shoot we did around our home. It always makes me feel sentimental whenever I put it on.

2. This gentleman's wife surprised him by creating a special Memories liner for him with our team in secret. It was a grand reveal when he tried on his suit and he got to reveal it to his family and friends on the big day.

The Memories Liner is an additional $150. Ask us about it when you are in store.

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