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So named because the Panther was Dangerous yet noble in his desire to protect.

Composition: 48% Poly, 32% Nylon, 20% Spandex

Size: One Size Fits All

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Best designed and most fun protection out there

Best gift for those you care about. A gift that gets used and talked about DAILY.

JAC will donate 1 face protector to a Grocery Store worker for every 10 face protector's bought.


Width: 8 inches
Height: 3 inches
Nose Flap Height: 1.5 inches
Chin Flap Height: 1.75 inches

Product image
Product image

1. SAFETY - Best on the Market

1. 4 layers - 100% cotton weaves
2. Removable filter pouch
3. In accordance with CDC and NHS recommendations

2. COMFORT - Quality Design

1. Malleable wire conforms to nose
2. Easily adjustable straps
3. Superior fit = uniform contact
4. Muslin keeps face cool

Product image
Product image

3. STYLE - Express Yourself

1. Support one of your favourite brands!
2. 9/10 people stare at speakers mouths
3. People will start to be identified by the type of face protection they wear.
4. Many colour options


Buying 5 or more get 15% OFF!

Product image
Product image


1. Washable - easy to wash
2. Reusable
3. Compact when folded
4. Great pocket square


1. Remove filter before washing.
2. Rinse mask under hot water.
3. Machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water.
4. Flat dry.

Product image
Product image


1. Your employer will love your face cover.
2. If he puts in a bulk order for your office and drops your name.
3. You will be gifted a 1 year membership in our Sock of The Month Program.

Why did we get in the FACE PROTECTION Game?

COVID19 has changed the way we look at personal protective equipment. With global shortages of both surgical and N95 face protection governments around the world have asked their citizens to leave those for front line medical workers. Yet, it will be required in many aspects of public life. Fabric coverings are the go to option.

Like any new product, there is a spectrum of options from all levels of quality of materials and craftsmanship. It was seeing so many variations on the lower end of the spectrum that made The Danger Team decide we had to step in the arena and start making premium fabric based covers. Seeing someone selling a face protector made from polyester with unfinished edges and cheap elastic ear loops was a wakeup call that we had to spring into action.

We leveraged our network and experience to understand the current recommendations and research in the area of fabric protectors with regards to coverage requirements, most optimal fabric choices, and usability considerations.

We sourced the optimal fabrics needed to be able to avoid any supply chain issues in these troubling times when most supply chains have been interrupted.

After creating a half dozen prototypes and iterating the design we are proud to introduce The Dangerous Face Protection. Safety for the wearer, danger for the viewer.


Product showcase

In accordance with recommendations from the CDC, NHS our cover has been designed using a mix of 100% cotton weaves. The outer layer is made from the tightest weave of all the fabrics in the cover, providing the most resistance to particles as well as the stylish exterior. The two inner layers are made from cotton gauze that has a natural resistance to absorption while the inside is made from a black muslin that offers more filtration via its natural ability to trap moisture.

Each of these 4 layers is made from a single piece of fabric, this allows us to avoid having large seams right in front of the mount like you would see with some two-piece face protectors. And just like a handmade suit, this cover is able to take on its three-dimensional shape through craft applied to the cut and construction techniques.

In addition to these 4 layers we offer a two-layer muslin pocket in front of your mouth where additional filter materials can be placed.

More important than construction is fit, ultimately our face protector would be useless if it doesn’t fit you properly. Proper coverage of the face is paramount to the function of any face protector, as such the majority of our design decisions were motivated by fit.

To ensure contouring to the nose and creates contact there is a malleable wire support that can be press molded to match the bridge of the nose.

To prevent the cover from being too tight or too loose there are adjustable elastic ear loops. Adjust their length until the face cover is snug against the face but not pulling on your ears. 

What are you waiting for?

Product showcase

I bet you didn’t know that a face protector requires that much effort. Let that be a lesson to you. If you are going to do something, do it right. Because anything worth doing, is worth overdoing.

What are you waiting for? Buy Now.

And don’t forget these face protectors make great gifts that get used and talked about DAILY. 

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Dangerous Face Protection - Premium

Quite simply the best designed and most fun cloth/community face protection on the market.
    • Ships Same/Next Day!
    • Buy 5 to get 15% off!
    • In accordance with CDC and NHS recommendations
    • 4 layers - 100% cotton weaves
    • Pouch for removable filter
    • Malleable wire conforms to nose
    • Easily adjustable straps
    • Superior fit = uniform contact
    • Muslin keeps face cool