Tomorrow Never Dies


Made-to-measure in your exact size and shape, this suit is as pleasurable as a summer breeze, and due to the 100% linen fabric, just as light and airy.

Reminiscent of a softly cloudy blue sky, the suit brings to mind sandy beaches, romantic date nights, warm evening conversations - everything delightful about summertime.

We chose a handsomely textured light blue linen to compliment all skintones with ease.  The marling in the fabric breaks up the colour and ensures it will match any other blues in your collection, light or dark.

The linen fabric is lightweight, strong, and supremely cooling. Due to the flax plant's unique construction, these amazing fibres will actually wick moisture away from your skin while holding up to five times its weight in liquid without feeling noticeably damp. It's durable, getting softer and more pliable with use - which means the more you wear your linen suit, the softer and more lived-in it will appear. Our light padding and canvassing give it just enough structure to hold its shape without compromising on that supremely soft, comfortable feel.

- Single breasted 2-button model
- Wide notch lapel
- Curved edge patch pockets 
- Chest patch pocket
- Lightly padded shoulder
- Half lining
- 4 sleeve buttons
- Side vents with lining strap
- Mother of pearl buttons
- Flat front trouser with side adjusters
- Angled hem

We can make any JAC garment for any client, male or female. Find your perfect fit and style with one of our expert clothiers. For first-time buyers, please book a virtual appointment HERE, where our team will walk you through an easy self-measurement process to dial in and save your sizing.

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